5 Places for Best Freak Shakes in Delhi | 2017

“Don’t cry me a river. That’s stupid as hell. Cry me a milkshake!”
Once upon a time a great person said these words of wisdom but, it’s 2017 and milkshakes are too passé. So, now don’t cry a river baby, instead buy us a freak-shake. Here is the list of cafes which serve the best freak shakes in Delhi:

1. Morellos

Located in Gurugram, Morellos is a heaven for those who have a thing for  humongous sized shakes. It serves shakes that are ladened with candy-floss, snickers, ferrero rocher chocolates, ice-creams, and a lot more.
BOD Recommends: Ferrero Rocher with Nutella and Hazelnut shake, Snickers & Peanut Butter Shake, Brownie Points Shake.

Morellos Best Freak Shakes Delhi



2. Shake Eat Up

It is one of the tiny cafes situated in NSP complex, that has created a huge buzz with its freak shakes. Also, their menu is freaking pocket-friendly so, don’t worry and just shake eat up.
BOD Recommends: Turtle Sundae, Choco Fervor Shake.

Shake Eat Up Freak Shakes Best Delhi

Shake Eat Up (Picture by: TravellingFoodie)


3. AM PM Cafe and Bar

This cafe cum bar is famous among Delhi’s foodie circuit for its crazy freak shakes. A single shake of theirs is enough to satisfy anybody’s sweet-tooth cravings and stomach.
BOD Recommends: The Blushing Red Velvet Shake, The Belgian Affair Shake, Tiramisu Drool Shake.

Best Freak Shakes Delhi

AM PM Cafe

4. The Vintage Avenue

Vintage Avenue is known for its drool-worthy menu and is one of the favourite hangout spot of Delhi’s college goers. They serve gut-bursting shakes that are loaded with treats.
BOD Recommends:  Caramel Brownie Shake, Power Pack Chocolate Shake.

Best Freak Shakes in Delhi

The Vintage Avenue

5. The Little Cafe

This pretty, little cafe located in North Delhi’s Rohini is a hidden gem that serves really toothsome waffles and freak-shakes. Also, their prices won’t freak you out as they don’t burn a hole in your pockets.
BOD Recommends: Brownie Bomb Shake,Snicker Peanut Butter Shake.

Best Freak Shakes in New Delhi

The Little Cafe