We Found A Hidden Gem For Afghani Chicken Lovers | 2017

Can you ever resist melt-in-your-mouth Afghani Chicken? You obviously can’t, right?

A plate full of well marinated, and cooked Afghani chicken can sweep anybody off their feet in seconds.

The capital is overflowing with a number of restaurants and food-joints that serve this star dish. Hence, we are always on the lookout for places that serve the perfect plate of our favourite chicken. Our recent pilgrimage in search of such a place brought us to a restaurant in North Delhi that serves one of the best Afghani chicken in the area.

GTB Nagar‘s Grain Bell Restaurant is the hidden gem that will satiate your tastebuds with its Afghani chicken, without even burning a hole in your pockets (Rs.175 for Half Plate).

Thinking what’s special about it, then imagine a plate full of tender chicken with the right amount of cream, cashew nut paste and masalas.

Makes you drool, right? So, head over to this hidden gem right away!

BOD Recommends: Afghani Chicken, Tandoori Chicken & Butter Chicken

Grain Bell Restaurant
Where: 1, DDA Market, Outram Lines, GTB Nagar, New Delhi.
Nearest Metro Station : GTB Nagar (Gate Number 2) 

10 Places for Best Waffles in Delhi | 2017

Whether they’re topped with Nutella and ice-cream or chicken and cheese, waffles are bound to turn away your blues but finding a place to hog on the best waffles can be a task therefore, here’s a list of places that serve the Best Waffles in Delhi.

“We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” – Leslie Knope

If we get a dollar for every time we think about Waffles, we’ll be surely rolling in a lot of money. On the top of that we have Park and Recreation’s Leslie Knope reminding us about the importance of warm, soul-soothing waffles that are versatile enough to be a dessert as well as a breakfast.


1. Wenger’s Deli

Wenger’s is one of the best bakeries in the city and there’s nothing that they can go wrong with. Their bodacious waffles are one of the best items on their menu, the clientele of Wenger’s Deli swears by them and so, do we.
Price: ₹120 onwards.
Location: A Block, Connaught Place.
BOD Recommends: Nutella Waffle, Blueberry Waffle, and Banana and Toffee Waffle

2. Wafflesome

For the vegetarians out there who love waffles, this little waffle joint in GK is a saviour that makes waffles that are not only nectarous but also eggless. They’ve also opened another outlet in Punjabi Bagh that is going to remain open till 1:00 am.
Price: ₹120 onwards
Location: Greater Kailash 1, M Block Market and West Punjabi Bagh.
BOD Recommends: Nutella, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

3. Depot 48/29

This cafe chain is known for their amazing menu and they also serve waffles that can sweep anybody off their feet. If you want to have waffles for breakfast then this is the place to be, as they serve breakfast from 8:30 am till 12 Noon.
Price: ₹490
Location: Greater Kailash 1, N Block Market.
BOD Recommends: Chocolate Gianduja with caramelised nuts and Wild berry compote and Mascarpone cheese waffles

4. Di Ghent Cafe

A Gurugram based cafe that has made place in everyone’s heart and stomach with its exquisite menu. They are especially known for their breakfast menu and desserts that include authentic Belgian waffles.
Price: ₹370 onwards.
Location: Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurugram.
BOD Recommends: Livinus Waffles, Vitrine Waffles, and Bavo Waffles.

5. Waffle Chowk

Waffle Chowk is a food truck located in Gurugram that is known for serving scrumptious waffles and this is evident from the waffle lovers that line up in front of it. Also, their first ever outlet has just got opened in Punjabi Bagh.
Price: ₹180
Location: Leisure Valley Parking, Sector 29 Gurugram and West Punjabi Bagh.
BOD Recommends: Nutella Strawberry, Waffle Sandwich, and Nutella Brownie.

6. Drool Waffles

Drool Waffles is another heaven for Delhi’s waffle lovers. They serve eleven types of waffles that hold the power to make every waffle lover drool.
Price: ₹190 onwards.
Location: Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, and Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place.
BOD Recommends: Rum Runner, Banoffee Blast, and Sara’s Kinder Joy.

7. Stop My Starvation

If you’re craving for waffles but are too lazy to go out then you need not worry because this food joint will stop your starvation, as they deliver scrumptious waffles right at your door step. They also make savory waffles.
Price: ₹110 onwards.
Location: C-10 Malviya Nagar, and M Block Market, Greater Kailash.
BOD Recommends: Old Friend’s Rum and Raisins, Chicken Tikka Waffle, and Nutella Factory Waffle.

8. Ricos

“Rico” literally translates to delicious in Spanish and this place definitely serves delectable food at prices that won’t hurt your pockets. Further, a visit to Ricos remains incomplete without trying their waffles.
Price: ₹160
Location: Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar.
BOD Recommends: Waffle Sundae, Ricos Special Waffles, and Black Forest Relish Waffles.

9. Ooh lala!

This food joint in DLF Promenade Mall is known for its crunchy and waffles and pancakes, that they make right in front of your eyes. Therefore, shop till you drop and then feed yourself waffles from this joint to attain nirvana.
Price: ₹160 onwards.
Location: DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj.
BOD Recommends: Belgian Waffles with Maple Syrup, and Chocolate Waffles.

10. The Little Cafe

This pretty, little cafe located in North Delhi’s Rohini is a hidden gem that serves toothsome waffles and freak-shakes. Devour their toothsome waffles or try their freak-shakes without burning a hole in your pockets.
Price: ₹120.
Location: Fun City Mall, Prashant Vihar.
BOD Recommends: Chocolate Waffle, and Nutella Waffle.

Other places where you can get best waffles are:

Big Chill Cafe
Various Locations.

Rose Cafe
Price: ₹350 onwards.
Location: Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket.

Hudson Cafe
Price: ₹199 onwards.
Location: Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar.

Shake Eat Up
Price: ₹79 onwards.
Location: Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura.

Price: ₹525.
Various locations.

Do you know any other places that serve the best waffles in Delhi? Let us know if we have missed out your favourite waffle paradise.

10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi | 2017

Finding a place to hog on the best burgers can be a task therefore, here’s a list of  places that serve the Best Burgers in Delhi.

A hundred years back nobody could have imagined that a thing called “Burger” would ever become a favorite of millions across the globe. When it comes to Burgers, we all belong to the lineage of “Wimpy” from the famous cartoon series “Popeye The Sailor“. Just like Wimpy we love the moments when our bellies are filled with succulent burgers.

10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi:


1. Chili’s Grill & Bar

There are only few places in the capital that serve authentic Tex-Mex-style cuisine and thankfully, Chili’s is one of them. Devour their burgers with chilled beer or their signature “President Margarita” and you’re good to go. BOD recommends: Big Mouth Burger, Old Timer, Southern Smokehouse Burger, and Bombay Burger.

2. Fork You Too

Nestled in the Hauz Khas Village this place is famous for its good food especially, its burgers. Further, you’ll be spoilt for choice with more than fifteen burgers on their menu. BOD recommends: Fork You Tenderloin Cheese Burger, Smokey’s BBQ & Grill, Herbivore Special, Mexican Burger, and The Great American BBQ Bacon Burger.

3. Burger King

Literally, the king of burgers when it comes to the variety. They are all about burgers that will leave you asking for more and also, won’t burn a hole in your pockets. BOD recommends: Mutton and Chicken Whopper, Veg Chilli Cheese, and Paneer King.

4. Johnny Rockets

An American restaurant chain that is famous for its juicy burgers and nectarous shakes. The best part is that you can also select your own toppings, cheese, dips ‘n’ sauces and even the type of bun. BOD recommends: The Spicy Houston, #12, and Rocket.

5. Smokey’s BBQ & Grill 

When it comes to food Smokey’s never disappoints and their mouth-watering burgers are always on our mind when we visit them.  BOD recommends: Smoked Lamb Burger, Spicy Chicken Chunky Burger, Mushroom Veggie Burger, and Tenderloin Burger With Bacon.

6. Cafe Delhi Heights

The bodacious Juicy Lucy Burger is one of the best-selling items on their menu and there’s not a single reason why it should not be. Further, the mere thought of having a burger with an enormous 250gm lamb patty makes us salivate. BOD recommends: Open Chicken Burger and Delhi Burger.

7. Burger Singh

They serve burgers that are “as Indian as cricket and black money”, the fusion of American burger with Indian ingredients is unusual but worth trying.  BOD recommends: Bihari Gosht Burger, Jatt Putt Burger, United States of Punjab Burger, (Veg) and Channa Burger.

8. Wendy’s

One of the largest burger chains in the world, entered the battle of burger giants in India in 2015 and it has been quite successful in satisfying the burger cravings of Delhites. BOD recommends: Ghost Chilli Chicken Burger, Double Baconator, Smoky Chipotle Chicken Burger, and Spinach N’ Corn Burger.

9. Burger Club

This burger joint is famous because of its wholesome and fresh burgers that are divided into two categories namely, “value burgers” and “gourmet burgers. BOD recommends: Island Club Burger, Kiwi Burger, Double Paneer Club, and Club Pizza Burger.

10. Bun Intended

If you’re one of those burger-maniacs who suffer from late night burger cravings then Bun Intended can be your savior, as they deliver scrumptious burgers right at your door step till the wee hours of the morning. BOD recommends: Lamb of God’s, Shroom Burger, Cajun Crispy Chicken Burger, and The Tree Hugger.

Do you know any other places that serve the best burgers in Delhi? Let us know if we have missed out your favourite burger paradise.

10 Best Food Instagramers from Delhi You Must Follow | 2017

Julia Child’s words “The people who love to eat are always the best people” have taken a modern turn and now, the people who love to eat and Instagram their food are the best people.

Whether you’re a new food instagrammer looking for inspiration or just a foodie looking for your daily dose of food porn, you should follow these accounts! Warning: you will have major cravings after checking their Instagram. Here we have a list of Best Food instagrammers from Delhi.

1. Passionate About Baking

Deeba Rajpal is the woman behind one of the best food blogs in India. Her comprehensible recipes always come in handy when we’re in the mood to cook and her Instagram is a mix of her passion for baking, food and photography, her love for everything antique, and in between we get glimpses of her pooches Coco and Bambi and Shadow, the guinea pig.  Follow her on Instagram  http://instagram.com/passionateaboutbaking


Best Food Instagramer in Delhi

Passionate About Baking

2. Shivesh

Featured in Vogues’s list of “20 under 26” along with other big names, Shivesh is a twenty year old self taught Baker and food blogger who is an inspiration for many. His Instagram is a meaty treat for eyes. Follow him on Instagram http://instagram.com/shivesh17

Best Food Instagramer Delhi


3. My Yellow Plate

Himanshu Sehgal with his yellow plate has been going places and devouring delicacies. Featured on various platforms like Scoopwhoop, The Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, India Today and many more, My Yellow Plate is in news these days for its INDIA Tour across the 29 states and we wish him all the luck. Follow him on instagram http://instagram.com/myyellowplate


Best Food Instagramer in Delhi

My Yellow Plate


4. Fun Food and Frolic

Hina Bisht is food consultant based in Delhi and her Instagram feed is every food lover’s dream and we wish our lunch boxes were as toothsome as the one she makes.  Follow her on instagram http://instagram.com/funfoodandfrolic

Best Food Instagramer in Delhi

Fun Food & Frolic


5. Delhi Food Blogger

Delhi Food Blogger by Sidhant Ahuja is another food instagrammer who makes sure to click nth number of pictures of his food before gulping it down. His Instagram feed looks like a buffet-spread and do check them out because they often hold exciting contests for their followers. Follow him on instagram http://instagram.com/delhifoodblogger

Best Food Instagramer

Delhi Food Blogger


6. Spoon DU

An online food publication by Delhi University students is a perfect guide for college-goers who want to know what to eat and from where. They not just talk about food but also raise their voice about issues like mental health and food wastage. Follow them on instagram http://instagram.com/spoon_du

Best Food Instagramer in Delhi

Spoon Du


7. Foodelhi

Curated by Karan Marwah, Foodelhi beautifully or should we say deliciously captures his love for food. From street side golgappas to scrumptious five star meals, Foodelhi covers everything that a true foodie would love to binge on. Follow him on instagram http://instagram.com/foodelhi

Best Food Instagramer in Delhi



8. F For Foodie

F For Foodie by Rishibha and Shivani is a result of their empathy for broke college students who are always on a look out for delicious and pocket-friendly food. So, all the broke foodies out there check them out. Follow them on instagram http://instagram.com/f_for_foodie

Best Instagramer in Delhi

F For Foodie


9. The Tasting Fork

The Tasting Fork by Sahiba Gursahane is another best food instagrammer on our list that defines foodgasm. You may come across her at food festivals or find her dining at some of the best restaurants in Delhi. Follow her on Instagram http://instagram.com/thetastingfork


Best of Delhi Instagramers

The Tasting Fork


10. Foodazzle

Akriti Jain is a chef in training and her Instagram account is a proof of her kickass cooking skills. Her Instagram feed can make anybody go weak in the knees. Her detailed and simple recipes are always a savior for us in times of hunger crisis. Follow her on instagram http://instagram.com/_foodazzle


Best of Delhi Instagramers