12 Places for Best Ice-Cream in Delhi | 2017- Best of Delhi

Looking for places that serve soul-soothing Ice-creams in Delhi? Here is a list of places that sell the Best Ice-cream in Delhi:

The summer of 2017 is turning out to be more sunny than what we had imagined. Therefore, all we can think about in this scorching heat is a refreshing bowl of ice-cream. Nectarous and refreshing, they are the best way to cool yourself down and to get your endorphins boosting.

Places for Best Ice-cream in Delhi:


An old birdie that has been soaring high since 1956. From Giani Di Hatti to Gianis, they have really come a long way and have a special place in every Delhites heart. Pamper your taste-buds with their heavenly Sundaes or grab a handy Kulfi.

Classic Ice-Cream Cafe

East Delhi is unlucky not to have a lot of great eateries but is certainly blessed with one of the best ice-cream parlours. Classic has certainly been a benchmark to the ice-cream sellers of the capital for years now with its Ice-Cream Sundaes. They serve up-to 50 flavors of ice-cream.


As their name may suggest, Naturals has been the pioneer in propagating the use of Natural products than artificial or extract flavors in making ice-creams. Naturals, is a Mumbai based chain which opened its doors in Delhi only last year. Nevertheless, their Bambaiya fame has got them very successful in the capital as well.


Azote isn’t just an ice-cream parlour but a chocolaterie and patisserie as well. “Azote” means nitrogen and this place has surely got its nitro ice-cream gizmos right. Yet, it’s not cold stone mixing and ice-cream rolls, but their fresh made sorbets that makes them stand out among the crowd.


A Swiss gem that sprouted out of the Movenpick group now functions their ice-cream business under Nestle. As soon as we associate Swiss connection to a food product, praising its great taste and quality becomes needless. However, with great quality comes great prices. Apart from ice-creams they serve amazing waffles and pancakes too.


Goosebumps is an indigenous chain specialising in nitro-plate ice-cream mixing. Its flavours have automatically been a rave amongst the people and the fact that this place is economical has built its fan base rapidly. Hence, people are willing to travel good enough distances to get a taste of Goosebumps.

Niice Cream

Another established ice-cream brand from Mumabi, Niice Cream has expanded rapidly in the capital too. They too specialise in the popular nitro-icecream business. One of their x-factors is their nitro-biscuits which temporarily freeze your mouth.


Havmor is an old ice-cream brand which is now into the reckoning especially because of the awareness about real mil ice-cream. Their products are really diverse, innovative and economical. Make your own ice-cream bar and cold stone are their special products in stores, but they also have a massive range of packed ice-cream sold by peddling vendors.

Cherry Comet

Cherry Comet has the concept of fresh ice-cream and has an elaborate live ice-cream making setup. Unlike, the packed ice-cream which has a lot of air and water crystals, they profess consuming their live product gives a much richer and better taste.

Kuremal Mohan

Kuremal is a legendary shop selling kulfis since 1908. Their fruit infused kulfis and kulfis with infused fruits have been a rave among generations of Delhites. Their Jamun and Falsa flavored kulfis are one of their most selling items.


Nirula’s has been the to-go place to grab an ice-cream for generations of Delhites. Though, they might have lost their overall old charm but their ice-creams are one thing we can vouch for. Try their Zafraani Badaam Pista ice-cream or the most loved Hot Chocolate Fudge and you’ll once again fall in love with them.

Moet’s Kulfi

The Moets group has executed multi-branding from their massive restaurant and have reaped great results. Their kulfi offshoot Moet’s Kulfi is also doing pretty well. They have dozens of flavours and mainly serve stick kulfi. Paan and Blackcurrant are among their most popular flavors.

Other places where you can have the best ice-cream are:

Häagen Dazs

Gelato Roma

Roshan Di Kulfi

Raw creams

We Found A Hidden Gem For Afghani Chicken Lovers | 2017

Can you ever resist melt-in-your-mouth Afghani Chicken? You obviously can’t, right?

A plate full of well marinated, and cooked Afghani chicken can sweep anybody off their feet in seconds.

The capital is overflowing with a number of restaurants and food-joints that serve this star dish. Hence, we are always on the lookout for places that serve the perfect plate of our favourite chicken. Our recent pilgrimage in search of such a place brought us to a restaurant in North Delhi that serves one of the best Afghani chicken in the area.

GTB Nagar‘s Grain Bell Restaurant is the hidden gem that will satiate your tastebuds with its Afghani chicken, without even burning a hole in your pockets (Rs.175 for Half Plate).

Thinking what’s special about it, then imagine a plate full of tender chicken with the right amount of cream, cashew nut paste and masalas.

Makes you drool, right? So, head over to this hidden gem right away!

BOD Recommends: Afghani Chicken, Tandoori Chicken & Butter Chicken

Grain Bell Restaurant
Where: 1, DDA Market, Outram Lines, GTB Nagar, New Delhi.
Nearest Metro Station : GTB Nagar (Gate Number 2) 

10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi | 2017

Finding a place to hog on the best burgers can be a task therefore, here’s a list of  places that serve the Best Burgers in Delhi.

A hundred years back nobody could have imagined that a thing called “Burger” would ever become a favorite of millions across the globe. When it comes to Burgers, we all belong to the lineage of “Wimpy” from the famous cartoon series “Popeye The Sailor“. Just like Wimpy we love the moments when our bellies are filled with succulent burgers.

10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi:


1. Chili’s Grill & Bar

There are only few places in the capital that serve authentic Tex-Mex-style cuisine and thankfully, Chili’s is one of them. Devour their burgers with chilled beer or their signature “President Margarita” and you’re good to go. BOD recommends: Big Mouth Burger, Old Timer, Southern Smokehouse Burger, and Bombay Burger.

2. Fork You Too

Nestled in the Hauz Khas Village this place is famous for its good food especially, its burgers. Further, you’ll be spoilt for choice with more than fifteen burgers on their menu. BOD recommends: Fork You Tenderloin Cheese Burger, Smokey’s BBQ & Grill, Herbivore Special, Mexican Burger, and The Great American BBQ Bacon Burger.

3. Burger King

Literally, the king of burgers when it comes to the variety. They are all about burgers that will leave you asking for more and also, won’t burn a hole in your pockets. BOD recommends: Mutton and Chicken Whopper, Veg Chilli Cheese, and Paneer King.

4. Johnny Rockets

An American restaurant chain that is famous for its juicy burgers and nectarous shakes. The best part is that you can also select your own toppings, cheese, dips ‘n’ sauces and even the type of bun. BOD recommends: The Spicy Houston, #12, and Rocket.

5. Smokey’s BBQ & Grill 

When it comes to food Smokey’s never disappoints and their mouth-watering burgers are always on our mind when we visit them.  BOD recommends: Smoked Lamb Burger, Spicy Chicken Chunky Burger, Mushroom Veggie Burger, and Tenderloin Burger With Bacon.

6. Cafe Delhi Heights

The bodacious Juicy Lucy Burger is one of the best-selling items on their menu and there’s not a single reason why it should not be. Further, the mere thought of having a burger with an enormous 250gm lamb patty makes us salivate. BOD recommends: Open Chicken Burger and Delhi Burger.

7. Burger Singh

They serve burgers that are “as Indian as cricket and black money”, the fusion of American burger with Indian ingredients is unusual but worth trying.  BOD recommends: Bihari Gosht Burger, Jatt Putt Burger, United States of Punjab Burger, (Veg) and Channa Burger.

8. Wendy’s

One of the largest burger chains in the world, entered the battle of burger giants in India in 2015 and it has been quite successful in satisfying the burger cravings of Delhites. BOD recommends: Ghost Chilli Chicken Burger, Double Baconator, Smoky Chipotle Chicken Burger, and Spinach N’ Corn Burger.

9. Burger Club

This burger joint is famous because of its wholesome and fresh burgers that are divided into two categories namely, “value burgers” and “gourmet burgers. BOD recommends: Island Club Burger, Kiwi Burger, Double Paneer Club, and Club Pizza Burger.

10. Bun Intended

If you’re one of those burger-maniacs who suffer from late night burger cravings then Bun Intended can be your savior, as they deliver scrumptious burgers right at your door step till the wee hours of the morning. BOD recommends: Lamb of God’s, Shroom Burger, Cajun Crispy Chicken Burger, and The Tree Hugger.

Do you know any other places that serve the best burgers in Delhi? Let us know if we have missed out your favourite burger paradise.

10 of the Best Coffee Places in Delhi | 2017

It’s a fact that coffee is the force behind a number of people who are sloths in disguise. Whether you have a thing for an espresso, cappuccino, latte, filter-coffee or any other type of coffee, it is definitely a “I will die without you” kind of love.

The increasing number of coffee shops in Delhi reflects the capital’s sacrosanct love for coffee. If you’re a coffee lover who wants to go on a pilgrimage in search for the perfect cup of coffee, here are the Best Places for Coffee in Delhi where you can go:

1. The United Coffee House

The United Coffee House plays a crucial role in influencing the capital’s love for coffee. This place has come a long way, literally seventy five years and holds a special place in every coffee lover’s heart. Coffee has been the soul of this place and sipping their signature Cona Coffee or a good old filter coffee along with some savouries is an experience on its own.

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Located in Saidul-Ajaib, this roastery  with a little cafe brews one of the best coffee in the city, which is made from the freshest coffee beans that are picked from various estates of the country including the award-winning Attikan Estate. Their Flat White and Sea Salt Cappuccino are always on our list when we visit them.
You can also order their coffee from their website : https://bluetokaicoffee.com/collections/our-coffees

3. The Coffee Bond

An Australian coffee chain, that opened its doors in Delhi’s Uday Park has become a favorite for many who crave a nicely brewed coffee away from all the hustle-bustle of the city. They have a vegetarian and organic menu and even serve coffee with non-dairy milk. Do try their latte or a Macchiato and pair it up with a nectarous brownie or some cookies.

4. The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop in Saket is another place where you can sit back and unwind with your favourite book while your coffee gets brewed right in front of you. Their Mocha Frappe, and Cinnamon coffee are favourites among their regulars.

5. Indian Coffee House

Almost 53 years old, Indian Coffee House has withstood the test of times. For some it is a “home away from home”, for some it is of great “sociocultural significance” and for others it’s just another place where they can sit and unwind without spending much. The place might have lost its old charm and the coffee might have become watery yet, it’s still a favourite for many for reasons close to heart.

6. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Perch is one of its kinda place in Delhi where you can refuel yourself with a cuppa coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. Try their Vietnamese coffee and pair it up with a toothsome banana bread or go for a Coffee Sangria.

7. Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl Coffee is an online coffee portal that has become famous for its cold brew coffee that they deliver right at your door or desk. So, sleepy owls like us need not worry about their cuppa coffee. Also, there are a number of cafes where you can try the Sleepy Owl Coffee. Check their Website for your caffeine-fix : https://sleepyowl.co

8. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an American chain of coffee and tea stores that now has various outlets across Delhi. They are known for having developed the original Ice Blended and their wide selection of coffee is bound to give you an exhilarating experience.

9. AMA Cafe

AMA Cafe, located in Delhi’s Mini Tibet is a jewel for those coffee lovers who wish to escape the urban hustle-bustle of the capital. You can perch here for hours and devour their famous Mud Cake along with a warm cup of Cafe Mocha or a Caramel Latte. Their prices are really pocket-friendly so, you don’t even have to worry about the number of cuppa you want to have.

10. Kaffa Cerrado

Located in Okhla Phase 1, Kaffa Cerrado houses coffee sourced from around the globe. Their single-origin specialty coffee can make any coffee lover go weak in the knees. If you want to side your blues but don’t want to travel to the other corner of the city for your cuppa coffeethen you can order it online from their website :

5 Places for Best Freak Shakes in Delhi | 2017

“Don’t cry me a river. That’s stupid as hell. Cry me a milkshake!”
Once upon a time a great person said these words of wisdom but, it’s 2017 and milkshakes are too passé. So, now don’t cry a river baby, instead buy us a freak-shake. Here is the list of cafes which serve the best freak shakes in Delhi:

1. Morellos

Located in Gurugram, Morellos is a heaven for those who have a thing for  humongous sized shakes. It serves shakes that are ladened with candy-floss, snickers, ferrero rocher chocolates, ice-creams, and a lot more.
BOD Recommends: Ferrero Rocher with Nutella and Hazelnut shake, Snickers & Peanut Butter Shake, Brownie Points Shake.

Morellos Best Freak Shakes Delhi



2. Shake Eat Up

It is one of the tiny cafes situated in NSP complex, that has created a huge buzz with its freak shakes. Also, their menu is freaking pocket-friendly so, don’t worry and just shake eat up.
BOD Recommends: Turtle Sundae, Choco Fervor Shake.

Shake Eat Up Freak Shakes Best Delhi

Shake Eat Up (Picture by: TravellingFoodie)


3. AM PM Cafe and Bar

This cafe cum bar is famous among Delhi’s foodie circuit for its crazy freak shakes. A single shake of theirs is enough to satisfy anybody’s sweet-tooth cravings and stomach.
BOD Recommends: The Blushing Red Velvet Shake, The Belgian Affair Shake, Tiramisu Drool Shake.

Best Freak Shakes Delhi

AM PM Cafe

4. The Vintage Avenue

Vintage Avenue is known for its drool-worthy menu and is one of the favourite hangout spot of Delhi’s college goers. They serve gut-bursting shakes that are loaded with treats.
BOD Recommends:  Caramel Brownie Shake, Power Pack Chocolate Shake.

Best Freak Shakes in Delhi

The Vintage Avenue

5. The Little Cafe

This pretty, little cafe located in North Delhi’s Rohini is a hidden gem that serves really toothsome waffles and freak-shakes. Also, their prices won’t freak you out as they don’t burn a hole in your pockets.
BOD Recommends: Brownie Bomb Shake,Snicker Peanut Butter Shake.

Best Freak Shakes in New Delhi

The Little Cafe


Top 10 Best Bakeries in Delhi | 2017

We care for our readers and therefore, came up with this list of Best Bakeries in Delhi that can satisfy your sugar cravings. Let us know if we have missed out your favourite sweet paradise.

There are vegetarians, nonvegetarians and then there are also people who are dessertarians. Ask a dessertarian for a slice of his cake and he ain’t giving you one. Also, remember Homer Simpson and his love for “mmm…doughnuts” a true dessertarian who did not mind trading his soul with Lucifer for  doughnuts in return.



Established in early 1960’s and presently being run by the third generation, this is another old birdie that is still soaring high among the younger ones. They have covered everything on their menu from the good old Pineapple Pastries to Tiramisu, Donuts, Croissants, fresh Fruit Tarts and a lot more.

BOD Recommends : Tiramisu, Donuts & Tarts

Defence Bakery Best Bakeries in Delhi




Life is AWESOME with a cheesecake and this bakery understands this phenomenon pretty well. Whipped is a heaven not just for Delhi’s cheesecake lovers but also for anybody who loves to feed their soul with sweet and baked treats.

BOD Recommends : Red Velvet Cheesecake, Mixed Berry Cheesecake & Fresh Fruit Gateau

Whipped - Best Bakeries in New Delhi

WHIPPED (Picture by – Shazia Siddiqui )



It is the sweet little child of Big Chill franchise which is famous for its nectarous cakes, pastries and shakes. Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Brownie, Mississippi Mud Pie, Classic New York Cheesecake are few of our favourites from their menu.

BOD Recommends : Mississippi Mud Pie, Classic New York Cheesecake & Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Brownie

Best Bakeries in Delhi

The Big Chill Cakery (Picture by Eatstory)



The saying that old is gold is perfect to describe one of the oldest bakery in the capital. Designed in 1926, Wenger’s has witnessed the evolution of Connaught Place. Wenger’s has really come a long way from serving margarine pastries, plain sponge cake and breads to the British clientele before independence to now offering a huge variety of exotic Cakes, Pastries, Macarons, Puffs and a lot more.

BOD Recommends : Chicken Patty, Blueberry Waffles, Mocha Pastry, Keema Patty

Best bakeries in Delhi

Wenger’s (Picture Credits – ladegustacionblog)


It has been around for decades and their baked goodies can give tough competition to what is being sold under the dazzling panoply of the new entrants in the market. Their Chocolate Truffle Cake, Veg and Non-Veg Patties, Chocolate Mousse, Walnut Pie are few of our favourites from their menu.

BOD Recommends : Chocolate Truffle Cake, Fruit Cake, Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Truffle Pastry

Best bakeries in Delhi

Maxims (Pictures by Kritika Pradhan)


A bakery with a touch of englishness that can sweep you off your feat with its exquisite range of desserts, breads, organic teas and French-pressed coffee. The best part is that you can have your own high tea party while perching on the and devour Scones, Sandwiches, Teacakes, and much more.

BOD Recommends : Banoffee Pie, Carrot Cake, Tiramisu, Bluebrry Cheesecake

Best Bakeries in Delhi

Elma’s (Picture by Shruti Chopra)



If you heart French desserts then this patisserie cum Salon de Thé must be on your to-visit list. The winner of several prestigious awards L’Opera has aced the baking game. They serve classic french desserts like Paris Brest, Green tea yogurt Mousse, Blueberry Cheesecake Croissant, Walnut and Cranberry Wreath.

BOD Recommends: Apple Tart, Walnut & Cranberry Wreath, Blueberry Cheesecake

Best Bakeries in Delhi

Lopera (Picture by FoodPunch)



This Gurgaon based bakery offers bite-sized desserts that are mini bombs which cause an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Sweetmeats like Kala Khatta Cheesecake, Raspberry Cheesecake, Tender Coconut Cake, Nutella Sea Salt Cookies are always on our list while ordering from this place.

BOD Recommends : Nutella Cupcake, Raspberry Menu, Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Mousse

Best Bakeries in New Delhi

The BombayBakery


A bake shop that has been in the business for many years now and that keeps on revamping itself according to the new taste and needs of its clientele. Famous for not just its variety of fresh baked breads but also delights like Quiche, Mini Ham and Cheese Croissant, Napoleon pastry, Chocolate Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle Cake and a lot more.

BOD Recommends : Cheese Croissant, Napoleon pastry, Chocolate Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle Cake

Bread and More - Best Bakeries in New Delhi

Bread and More



Another Gurgaon based bakery that has made place in everyone’s heart and stomach with its baked and non- baked items. Regulars at Binge love binging on their Red Velvet Cake, Tiramisu, Crunchy Nutty Salad, Lamb Burger, among a few.

BOD Recommends: Red Velvet Cake, Tiramisu

Best Bakeries in Delhi



What’s your favorite Bakery in Delhi? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi You Need to Follow

We have curated a list of best fashion bloggers in Delhi and will also love to know who is your favorite blogger for that fashion fix.

There are days when each one of us needs some inspiration to get up for getting dressed and on days like those, all we need to check out is our favorite fashion blogger for style inspo. For these bloggers, fashion is not just a passion but also a way of life and their work shows how Fashion blogging is a lot more than just an #OOTD.


1. Sukhneet Wadhwa (Ms Coco Queen)

Sukhneet is a boss lady in every sense who can carry everything from a well tailored suit to a saree with ease and oomph. She defines her style as eclectic and her blog reflects the same. She has many feather in her cap and there’s not a single reason why you should not follow her.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Ms Coco Queen by Sukhneet Wadhwa


2. Aien Jamir (Fashion & I)

The founder of “Fashion & I”, Aien has been in the industry for almost a decade. She has graced the pages of a number of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Femina and  has worked with various high-end brands.

Best Fashion Blogger Delhi

Fashion and I by Aien Jamir


3. Komal Khulbe (Delhi Fashion Blogger)

A fashion blogger cum professional YouTuber who not only talks about fashion but is also pretty vocal about issues like gender politics. She’s a vintage diva and her DIYs, product reviews and “Komal Talks” are our personal favourites.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Delhi Fashion Blogger by Komal Khulbe


4. Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things)

A lawyer by profession and “funky monkey” by choice, is how Shreya describes herself. Her blog “For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things” is a reflection of her simplistic being and is one well written blog that you’ll visit again and again.

Best Fashion Bloggers

Shreya Kalra


5. Shivi Tandon and Srishti Agarwal (Curious Components)

This blogger duo are one of the best dressed BFFs in the fashion industry. They not only give us some major fashion and travel goals but also write about what one should pack while travelling to different locations.

Curious Components - Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Curious Components by Shivi Tandon and Srishti Agarwal


6. Pallavi (That Desi Girl Blog) 

An Indian Rapunzel, who dovetails traditions with modernity. After you’re done gaping at her five-feet long tresses, take a moment to check her blog that will help you to don the new trends with great ease.

That Desi Girl Blog Best Fashion Delhi

That Desi Girl Blog by Pallavi


7. That Boho Girl- Kritika Khurana

An inspiration for thousands of her followers who proudly call themselves “Bohogirlies”, Kritika Khurana is winning hearts with her boho-chic wardrobe and her motivational journey. We could’t help feeling jealous after looking at her fancy Instagram feed.

That Boho Girl Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

That Boho Girl by Kritika Khurana


8. Akanksha Redhu 

Akanksha started her blogging journey in 2010 and seven years later after a lot of hard-work her blog is a must see for anybody who wants to take some fashion inspiration. One can find her gracing Fashion Weeks and various other fashion related events.

Akanksha Redhu - Best Fashion Blogger in Delhi

Akanksha Redhu


9. Monalisha Mahapatra (The GreyHalfWay)

The force behind “The GreyHalfWay”, this gorgeous blogger is a Master degree holder in footwear designing. We are in awe of her fun and comfy sense of style and wish we could raid her shoe closet.

The Grey Half Way Best Fashion Bloggers

The Grey Half Way by Monalisha Mahapatra


10. Mehak Ghai

A college student who’s effortlessly managing her work schedule with academics. She’s cute like a button but at the same time she’s fierce and bold in her style and attitude.

Mehak Ghai - Best Delhi Fashion Blogger

Mehak Ghai

10 Best Places for Momos Lovers in Delhi 2017

Chicken, veg, paneer, soya, steamed, fried or tandoori, momos come in all shapes and forms and there’s not a single reason to not love them.  The recent researches have proven that Delhites are true-blue momomaniacs, and there’s nothing that can come between a Delhite and a plate of momos. Therefore, we have curated a list of places that server the best Momos in Delhi.

1. Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen : Now located in Green Park, Yeti serves some authentic Himalayan food that is too good for the tastebuds and among the plethora of dishes they serve, their juicy and flavorsome Steamed Momos are really close to our heart (read stomach).
BOD Recommends: Chicken Steam Momos

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

2. Yum Yum Cha: One place that instantly strikes our mind on hearing ”pan asian food” is Yum Yum Cha. If you’re done with trying desi momos then you should not think twice before trying your hands on the gourmet dim sums they offer. With more than twenty types of dim sums, sushi rolls, Japanese pizzas, thai curries on their menu this place should be on your list.
BOD Recommends: Prawn Dim-sum

Yum Yum Cha - Best Momos

Yum Yum Cha

3. Brown Sugar: This place boasts of serving whole wheat food items at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pockets and their whole wheat momos are a hit among their customers.
BOD Recommends: Wheat Chicken Momos

Brown Sugar - Best Momos in Delhi

Brown Sugar (Image by Foodie in Training)


4. Honey’s Veg: A vegetarian food joint that serves the best Tandoori momos in north campus area. Their well cooked tandoori momos with a creamy cashew paste are our only recommendation from their menu.
Location: Parmanand Colony, Mukherjee Nagar.
BOD Recommends: Veg Tandoori Momos 

5. Dolma Aunty: Not mentioning this place on our list would have surely angered the Momo lovers. It is a small kiosk run by Dolma Aunty for over two decades that has stood the test of time and maintained itself as one of the favorites. Location: Lajpat Nagar
BOD Recommends: Chicken Steam Momos

Dolma Aunty Momos Best

Dolma Aunty Momos

6. Tee Dee Restaurant: Delhi’s Little Tibet is a gem for those foodies who want to escape the urban hustle-bustle of the capital. The narrow lanes of MT comprise of several eating joints serving Tibetan food and our recommendation has to be Tee Dee Restaurant for the variety of momos they serve.
Location: Majnu Ka Tila
BOD Recommends: Chicken/Pork Steam Momos

TEE DEE - Best Momos Delhi

Tee Dee Restaurant ( Image Source – Wikimedia)

7. Momo Mia: Dilli Haat has a number of food and handicraft stalls and luckily it has this stall where you can gorge on hot,succulent momos that are served with a spicy clear soup. Pair them with a glass of fruit beer and you are ready for the best Momos in Delhi.

BOD Recommends: Fried Chicken Momos & Fruit Beer

Momo Mia - Best Fried Momos in Delhi

Momo Mia (Image Source – Google)

8. WOW Momo: If your love for momos is sacrosanct then this is the right place for you to satisfy your Momo cravings. Steamed, pan-fried, tandoori, marinated, chocolate, you name it and they have it in store.
BOD Recommends – Pan Fried Momos, Chocolate Momos & Chicken Steam Momos


Wow Momo - Best in Delhi

Wow Momo


9. Shagun Restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants in Hudson Lane, that serves Chinese and Thai food. Pocket-friendly prices, good food and generous servings is what keeps this place buzzing with people.
BOD Recommends: Chicken Steam Momos & Pork Momos

Best Momos in Delhi

Shagun Restaurant (Image source – The Tadka Meter)

10. Queen’s boulevard: If you love Vodka and you love momos then the amalgamation of the two will leave you asking for more. Queen’s Boulevard is famous for this specialty of theirs which is made using vodka infused batter and certainly the best momos in Delhi.
BOD Recommends: Vodka Momos

Best Vodka Momos in Delhi

Queen’s Boulevard (Image source – Urbaneyrie)