10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi | 2017

Finding a place to hog on the best burgers can be a task therefore, here’s a list of  places that serve the Best Burgers in Delhi.

A hundred years back nobody could have imagined that a thing called “Burger” would ever become a favorite of millions across the globe. When it comes to Burgers, we all belong to the lineage of “Wimpy” from the famous cartoon series “Popeye The Sailor“. Just like Wimpy we love the moments when our bellies are filled with succulent burgers.

10 Places for Best Burgers in Delhi:


1. Chili’s Grill & Bar

There are only few places in the capital that serve authentic Tex-Mex-style cuisine and thankfully, Chili’s is one of them. Devour their burgers with chilled beer or their signature “President Margarita” and you’re good to go. BOD recommends: Big Mouth Burger, Old Timer, Southern Smokehouse Burger, and Bombay Burger.

2. Fork You Too

Nestled in the Hauz Khas Village this place is famous for its good food especially, its burgers. Further, you’ll be spoilt for choice with more than fifteen burgers on their menu. BOD recommends: Fork You Tenderloin Cheese Burger, Smokey’s BBQ & Grill, Herbivore Special, Mexican Burger, and The Great American BBQ Bacon Burger.

3. Burger King

Literally, the king of burgers when it comes to the variety. They are all about burgers that will leave you asking for more and also, won’t burn a hole in your pockets. BOD recommends: Mutton and Chicken Whopper, Veg Chilli Cheese, and Paneer King.

4. Johnny Rockets

An American restaurant chain that is famous for its juicy burgers and nectarous shakes. The best part is that you can also select your own toppings, cheese, dips ‘n’ sauces and even the type of bun. BOD recommends: The Spicy Houston, #12, and Rocket.

5. Smokey’s BBQ & Grill 

When it comes to food Smokey’s never disappoints and their mouth-watering burgers are always on our mind when we visit them.  BOD recommends: Smoked Lamb Burger, Spicy Chicken Chunky Burger, Mushroom Veggie Burger, and Tenderloin Burger With Bacon.

6. Cafe Delhi Heights

The bodacious Juicy Lucy Burger is one of the best-selling items on their menu and there’s not a single reason why it should not be. Further, the mere thought of having a burger with an enormous 250gm lamb patty makes us salivate. BOD recommends: Open Chicken Burger and Delhi Burger.

7. Burger Singh

They serve burgers that are “as Indian as cricket and black money”, the fusion of American burger with Indian ingredients is unusual but worth trying.  BOD recommends: Bihari Gosht Burger, Jatt Putt Burger, United States of Punjab Burger, (Veg) and Channa Burger.

8. Wendy’s

One of the largest burger chains in the world, entered the battle of burger giants in India in 2015 and it has been quite successful in satisfying the burger cravings of Delhites. BOD recommends: Ghost Chilli Chicken Burger, Double Baconator, Smoky Chipotle Chicken Burger, and Spinach N’ Corn Burger.

9. Burger Club

This burger joint is famous because of its wholesome and fresh burgers that are divided into two categories namely, “value burgers” and “gourmet burgers. BOD recommends: Island Club Burger, Kiwi Burger, Double Paneer Club, and Club Pizza Burger.

10. Bun Intended

If you’re one of those burger-maniacs who suffer from late night burger cravings then Bun Intended can be your savior, as they deliver scrumptious burgers right at your door step till the wee hours of the morning. BOD recommends: Lamb of God’s, Shroom Burger, Cajun Crispy Chicken Burger, and The Tree Hugger.

Do you know any other places that serve the best burgers in Delhi? Let us know if we have missed out your favourite burger paradise.