10 of the Best Coffee Places in Delhi | 2017

It’s a fact that coffee is the force behind a number of people who are sloths in disguise. Whether you have a thing for an espresso, cappuccino, latte, filter-coffee or any other type of coffee, it is definitely a “I will die without you” kind of love.

The increasing number of coffee shops in Delhi reflects the capital’s sacrosanct love for coffee. If you’re a coffee lover who wants to go on a pilgrimage in search for the perfect cup of coffee, here are the Best Places for Coffee in Delhi where you can go:

1. The United Coffee House

The United Coffee House plays a crucial role in influencing the capital’s love for coffee. This place has come a long way, literally seventy five years and holds a special place in every coffee lover’s heart. Coffee has been the soul of this place and sipping their signature Cona Coffee or a good old filter coffee along with some savouries is an experience on its own.

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Located in Saidul-Ajaib, this roastery  with a little cafe brews one of the best coffee in the city, which is made from the freshest coffee beans that are picked from various estates of the country including the award-winning Attikan Estate. Their Flat White and Sea Salt Cappuccino are always on our list when we visit them.
You can also order their coffee from their website : https://bluetokaicoffee.com/collections/our-coffees

3. The Coffee Bond

An Australian coffee chain, that opened its doors in Delhi’s Uday Park has become a favorite for many who crave a nicely brewed coffee away from all the hustle-bustle of the city. They have a vegetarian and organic menu and even serve coffee with non-dairy milk. Do try their latte or a Macchiato and pair it up with a nectarous brownie or some cookies.

4. The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop in Saket is another place where you can sit back and unwind with your favourite book while your coffee gets brewed right in front of you. Their Mocha Frappe, and Cinnamon coffee are favourites among their regulars.

5. Indian Coffee House

Almost 53 years old, Indian Coffee House has withstood the test of times. For some it is a “home away from home”, for some it is of great “sociocultural significance” and for others it’s just another place where they can sit and unwind without spending much. The place might have lost its old charm and the coffee might have become watery yet, it’s still a favourite for many for reasons close to heart.

6. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Perch is one of its kinda place in Delhi where you can refuel yourself with a cuppa coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. Try their Vietnamese coffee and pair it up with a toothsome banana bread or go for a Coffee Sangria.

7. Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl Coffee is an online coffee portal that has become famous for its cold brew coffee that they deliver right at your door or desk. So, sleepy owls like us need not worry about their cuppa coffee. Also, there are a number of cafes where you can try the Sleepy Owl Coffee. Check their Website for your caffeine-fix : https://sleepyowl.co

8. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an American chain of coffee and tea stores that now has various outlets across Delhi. They are known for having developed the original Ice Blended and their wide selection of coffee is bound to give you an exhilarating experience.

9. AMA Cafe

AMA Cafe, located in Delhi’s Mini Tibet is a jewel for those coffee lovers who wish to escape the urban hustle-bustle of the capital. You can perch here for hours and devour their famous Mud Cake along with a warm cup of Cafe Mocha or a Caramel Latte. Their prices are really pocket-friendly so, you don’t even have to worry about the number of cuppa you want to have.

10. Kaffa Cerrado

Located in Okhla Phase 1, Kaffa Cerrado houses coffee sourced from around the globe. Their single-origin specialty coffee can make any coffee lover go weak in the knees. If you want to side your blues but don’t want to travel to the other corner of the city for your cuppa coffeethen you can order it online from their website :

10 Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi You Need to Follow

We have curated a list of best fashion bloggers in Delhi and will also love to know who is your favorite blogger for that fashion fix.

There are days when each one of us needs some inspiration to get up for getting dressed and on days like those, all we need to check out is our favorite fashion blogger for style inspo. For these bloggers, fashion is not just a passion but also a way of life and their work shows how Fashion blogging is a lot more than just an #OOTD.


1. Sukhneet Wadhwa (Ms Coco Queen)

Sukhneet is a boss lady in every sense who can carry everything from a well tailored suit to a saree with ease and oomph. She defines her style as eclectic and her blog reflects the same. She has many feather in her cap and there’s not a single reason why you should not follow her.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Ms Coco Queen by Sukhneet Wadhwa


2. Aien Jamir (Fashion & I)

The founder of “Fashion & I”, Aien has been in the industry for almost a decade. She has graced the pages of a number of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Femina and  has worked with various high-end brands.

Best Fashion Blogger Delhi

Fashion and I by Aien Jamir


3. Komal Khulbe (Delhi Fashion Blogger)

A fashion blogger cum professional YouTuber who not only talks about fashion but is also pretty vocal about issues like gender politics. She’s a vintage diva and her DIYs, product reviews and “Komal Talks” are our personal favourites.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Delhi Fashion Blogger by Komal Khulbe


4. Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things)

A lawyer by profession and “funky monkey” by choice, is how Shreya describes herself. Her blog “For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things” is a reflection of her simplistic being and is one well written blog that you’ll visit again and again.

Best Fashion Bloggers

Shreya Kalra


5. Shivi Tandon and Srishti Agarwal (Curious Components)

This blogger duo are one of the best dressed BFFs in the fashion industry. They not only give us some major fashion and travel goals but also write about what one should pack while travelling to different locations.

Curious Components - Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

Curious Components by Shivi Tandon and Srishti Agarwal


6. Pallavi (That Desi Girl Blog) 

An Indian Rapunzel, who dovetails traditions with modernity. After you’re done gaping at her five-feet long tresses, take a moment to check her blog that will help you to don the new trends with great ease.

That Desi Girl Blog Best Fashion Delhi

That Desi Girl Blog by Pallavi


7. That Boho Girl- Kritika Khurana

An inspiration for thousands of her followers who proudly call themselves “Bohogirlies”, Kritika Khurana is winning hearts with her boho-chic wardrobe and her motivational journey. We could’t help feeling jealous after looking at her fancy Instagram feed.

That Boho Girl Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

That Boho Girl by Kritika Khurana


8. Akanksha Redhu 

Akanksha started her blogging journey in 2010 and seven years later after a lot of hard-work her blog is a must see for anybody who wants to take some fashion inspiration. One can find her gracing Fashion Weeks and various other fashion related events.

Akanksha Redhu - Best Fashion Blogger in Delhi

Akanksha Redhu


9. Monalisha Mahapatra (The GreyHalfWay)

The force behind “The GreyHalfWay”, this gorgeous blogger is a Master degree holder in footwear designing. We are in awe of her fun and comfy sense of style and wish we could raid her shoe closet.

The Grey Half Way Best Fashion Bloggers

The Grey Half Way by Monalisha Mahapatra


10. Mehak Ghai

A college student who’s effortlessly managing her work schedule with academics. She’s cute like a button but at the same time she’s fierce and bold in her style and attitude.

Mehak Ghai - Best Delhi Fashion Blogger

Mehak Ghai